Petroleum Authority of Uganda


Petroleum Authority of Uganda Publishes the National Suppliers’ Database 2018 for the Oil and Gas Sector

KAMPALA, Uganda, 31st December 2017 – The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) is established under the Petroleum Exploration Development and Production Act of 2013 (The Upstream Act) to monitor and regulate oil and gas activities in the country. The Upstream Act, Midstream Act and the attendant regulations require the PAU to, among other things, establish and publish a central data base of persons involved in petroleum activities in Uganda. This legislation also prohibits any entity from providing goods, works or services for oil and gas activities in the country unless they are registered on the database. The National Suppliers’ Database (NSD) is an online web-based platform for regulating the procurement of goods and services in the oil and gas sector and is updated annually.


The PAU is required to publish the NSD by 31st December of each year and in fulfilment of this requirement, the process of developing the database commenced by inviting applications for qualification to the 2018 National Supplier Database in both print and electronic media during September 2017.  Entities already registered on the NSD 2017 were also invited to apply to remain on the NSD for 2018 but to also update their information. The closure for new applicants was 31st October 2017 while application by companies registered on the NSD 2017 remained open until 31st December 2017. The print and electronic adverts referred to above were followed by an intensive communication campaign through Radio and Television talk shows in addition to the various stakeholder engagements.

Applicants were required to provide information regarding their ownership, proof of registration, compliance for tax and National social security requirements, nature of services/goods supplied and contact information including their physical address among other things.


A total of 1,521 new applications for the NSD 2018 were submitted by the closing date and 852 of these were from companies registered in Uganda while 669 were from companies registered in 54 countries outside Uganda. 


The PAU has undertaken verification and evaluation of the applications received, especially by seeking authenticity of the information submitted.  The Authority has worked with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in verifying the applicants registered in Uganda and with the respective Embassies and Missions to Uganda for the applicants registered outside Uganda.


The Petroleum Authority of Uganda is delighted to announce today the National Supplier Database for 2018 comprising of 927 entities that have been successfully verified and qualified. 561 of these entities are registered in Uganda and 366 are registered outside Uganda. The list of qualified entities can be accessed on the PAU website: Verification of the other entities which applied in time, but have not yet been qualified, will continue until 31st January, 2018 when the final NSD 2018 will be published.


The NSD 2018 will be updated in accordance with Regulations 11(6) and 30(9) of the Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) National Content Regulations 2016 and the Petroleum (Refining, Conversion, Transmission and Midstream Storage) National Content Regulations 2016 respectively. The PAU will update the NSD 2018 by calling for additional applicants during March 2018. The process for this update will be announced and publicized through print and electronic media and on the PAU website


The NSD provides an opportunity for a transparent and standardized supply chain for the sector, which will in turn lead to increased competition and efficiency. It is also a very strong tool for facilitating national participation in the country’s oil and gas sector by enhancing the visibility of Ugandan entities, which have the potential to offer goods and services in the oil and gas sector whether individually or in partnerships.


The Authority would like to appreciate and thank the entities who responded to the invitation by applying in time and especially those who submitted all the information as requested for in the invitation. 


We would also like to thank the agencies of Government and the Foreign Embassies and Missions which, have and, continue to work with the PAU in the evaluation and verification of the applications. The Petroleum Authority of Uganda looks forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders to achieve the successful development and implementation of the National Supplier Database for Uganda’s Oil and Gas sector.



For God and My Country.