The Kanywataba Contract Area

The license for the Kanywataba Area, located in Ntoroko District is operated by Armour Energy Limited (AEL).  The work programmes approved and monitored by the PAU include the following key activities:
 i) Surface Soil Geochemical Survey
 ii) Reprocessing of existing 2D seismic data (146-line Km)
 iii) Purchase and interpret existing 2D seismic data over Turaco and part of Kingfisher discovery for purpose of a regional geological interpretation and comparison with Kanywataba prospects

  1. iv) Geology and Geophysics studies
  2. v) The Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) study using the Kanywataba well
  3. vi) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the geochemical surveys
  4. Acquisition of 100-line Kilometres of new 2D Seismic data.

Map of planned 2D seismic data vis-à-vis existing seismic data